How it Works

The ABC Work Safe On-Line First Aid Test is timed over 40 minutes. There are 30 multiple-choice questions to answer. The questions are presented on one page for you to scroll through. Simply click on the answer you think is correct. If you want to change your answer at any time, you can scroll between the questions during the test and select an alternative answer.

Starting the Test
Before taking the test you will need to have been supplied with a PIN number by your Health & Safety / First Aid Manager.

Click 'Begin the Test'.

Enter your PIN number and click 'Go', which takes you to On-line Examination where you will be asked to register with your name and e-mail details.

You are then ready to take the test. 

Click 'Click here to take the test' and you will be taken to the test questions and the timer will start. You have 40 minutes in which to complete the test and a timer is visible to the left of the screen throughout the test. Do NOT refresh the page AT ANY TIME, as this will end your test and you will not be able to complete it. Any incomplete questions will be marked as incorrect, if time runs out.

Finishing the Test
When you have finished your test, click 'Finish'. You will be able to see immediately whether you have passed or failed, along with details of the correct answers and an explanation for each answer. If you have passed an e-mail, with a certificate, will be automatically e-mailed to you. If you have failed, you can re-take the test once more within the next 6 months.

If you do not click the finish button at the bottom of the page, you will not complete the test and your PIN will be used.


Please liaise with your Health & Safety / First Aid manager, who will also receive and e-mail with your test results.

Begin the Test
Before taking the test you will need to have been allocated a PIN number by your Health & Safety or First Aid line manager.

Before entering your PIN number, please read about the details of the test in How it Works.

You will be given your results immediately after completing the 30 questions.